Do you know the option to marry or get civilly united in front of a notary?

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Little story: Audrey and Philippe have been a couple for five years now.  After being parents for the first time three years ago, the two decided to set up a project that they had long wanted: wedding.  They have already started the majority of the preparations, but they remain undecided on a few aspects.

No church, no Courthouse

With a common agreement, Audrey and Philip didn’t want to marry in church because they are both atheists.  So what option did they have?  The Courthouse?  Yes, it’s always quick and easier according to Philip.  On the other hand, Audrey wanted a romantic ceremony outside of family and friends.  But still there, a problem arises: marriages in the courthouse before a clerk can’t be done outside.

The notary is coming

Audrey and Philippe will be glad to know that a marriage or civil union is now possible in front of a notary.  In fact, notaries have offered to the couples the chance to get married or to get civilly united.  Unlike clerks, notaries can move according to the place chosen by the bride and groom.  It just needs to be arranged accordingly, to respect the decorum for the ceremony.

Others benefits

As a wedding officiant, the notary reads before witnesses the provisions of the Civil Code of Quebec which affects the rights and duties of the spouses.  Also, the notary can inform the couple about the family patrimony, matrimonial regimes and marriage contracts.  Of course, the marriage contract is done under notarial deed en minute.

Among the other benefits of getting married or civilly united in front of a notary, it is important to point out that the union can be made any day of the week, unlike the clerks who perform this task only on Saturdays.  Also, the delay before D-Day is shortened to 20 days instead of longer delays when it happens at the Courthouse.

To conclude, does Philippe and Audrey make a good choice by marrying in front of a notary?  Absolutely!  Not only can they choose the place of celebration, but the ceremony can take place within 20 days, any day in the week.  Not to mention that the notary in question can provide them with all the legal advice concerning their marriage contract.

Many Quebecers are in the same situation as Philip and Audrey.  If this is your case, consult a notary to provide you with everything you need to know before you unite in a civil way.  On this, good celebration!

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