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Find the best wedding officiant for the celebration of your civil marriage or civil union at Laval, Longueuil, Montreal and neighborhood, to have a successful ceremony, according to your tastes. In the process of the organization of a marriage, with the choice of the ceremony hall, the restaurant, the dress, the flowers, the cake, the music, etc., it is very important to choose very well the type of ceremony that you desire, as well as your wedding officiant, which has to have the necessary expertise, the possibility and the experience required to celebrate your marriage according to your preferences and your situation (marriage in a place of worship, an interreligious marriage, a gay marriage, a marriage in a church, etc.)

The wedding is a memorable moment for a couple.  The ceremony, boys and girls of honor, wedding rings, after party and honeymoon!  What could be more enjoyable?  However, at the ceremony, it’s nice to have a good wedding officiant who speaks well and make a memorable speech for the newlyweds.  Here are some things to look for to make a wise choice and the course of the ceremony.

Type of Ceremony

First of all, it’s important to know the type of ceremony the bride and groom want.  Will it be held in church?  Will it be an inter-religious marriage?  Is it going to be civil?  In the church, it’s obvious that it’s the priest who will be the celebrant and speak in the name of God.  For the civil marriage, it can be a notary or a clerk, and also a person of the entourage of the bride and groom. It gives a more personalized tone.

Wedding Officiant Search

What’s a good celebrant / wedding officiant?  Actually, it’s a person who is comfortable in front of the public, who speaks clearly, who knows well the brides and can generate emotions to the public.  These are the criteria for your wedding officiant.  In addition, the bride and groom must establish a level of involvement with the candidate (e.g., who will write the text?).  If the celebrant is a notary or a priest, personalization may be less present.  Everything goes according to the choice of the bride and groom.

Doing the Process

Once the choice of the wedding officiant is made, a request for appointment is made to the Department of Justice (Directeur d’état civil).  Ideally, it’s made two months before the planned date of marriage.  The celebrant will receive an information package by mail explaining the procedure for the ceremony.

Preparing the Speech

The main task of a wedding officiant is to make the speech for the bride and groom.  It’s therefore essential that he and the future spouses take a time to think about what to emphasize.  In this speech, we can find the history of the couple, its meeting, the highlights and even anecdotes to add color during the ceremony.  Here it will be important to develop in order to generate emotions to the present public.

Repeat and Celebrate

The day of celebration is coming!  But before, it’s important to help the celebrant to practice his speech and his moments of intervention during the evening.  The couple has to offer support and reassure the celebrant because it can be stressful for him to talk to the families of the newlyweds without considering that he is responsible for the atmosphere.  So, a little rehearsal like a play is the best.


Thus, the choice of the celebrant will vary according to many things (type of ceremony, for example), but also the criteria of selection of the couple (e.g.: availability, relationship of trust with the bride and groom, fluency in public, good communication, etc.).

Anyway, the couple will always be able to select the right celebrant / wedding officiant.  In his speech, he will send emotions to those present in order to offer one of the most beautiful experiences for a couple: the marriage!

If you choose our services to celebrate your civil marriage or civil union, we can celebrate your marriage outside of our office, or off regular business hours; we can go to celebrate your union at the place of your choice (your residence, the restaurant, the reception hall, the park, Old Port of Montreal, other places in the Center-City of Montreal, etc.), and we can also celebrate your marriage in the weekend, holidays, or after 5:00 pm during the week.

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