Notary to celebrate my civil marriage in Montreal

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For many couples, marriage is a way to show their love at its highest level.  Ceremony, limousine, banquet, cutting the cake together, honeymoon… But today, marriage is as a legal matter as a love story.  Who better than a notary to better guide you in your union?

Advice from a notary public

The notary wedding officiant is also an expert in legal matters.  His expertise is not limited to the marriage, but for drafting a will, a protective mandate or a real estate file.  Since the law groups religious and civil marriage together, many rights and obligations flow from the union: family patrimony, matrimonial regime, parental rights, etc.  For the newlyweds, this can quickly become a real headache!  So, a notary can better advise you about your rights and duties.

The notary wedding officiant is with you when you want to sign your marriage contract.  He can advise you on the choice of your matrimonial regime, which essentially affects the financial aspect of the couple.  Thereafter, the marriage contract can contain a clause for the benefit of the last one alive in the couple, which happens to be a kind of will in the event of the death of one of the spouses.  Your notary can explain everything in detail.

Having a notary as wedding officiant

It is always appreciated having a notary to advise you.  Your notary can also be your best choice for a wedding officiant.  Indeed, having a notary to celebrate a civil marriage makes it possible to have the legal procedure of the marriage properly done.  The other advantage is that having a notary as wedding officiant allows the couple to choose the location of the ceremony and any day during the week.  If we compare it with the marriage celebration made by other celebrants, who must respect different constraints regarding the places and a tight program of celebration, the choice of the notary is obvious.


Even if marriage is a matter of love but of law too, you have the right to know the procedures surrounding your union.  Whether it is for your estate, your will, your protective mandate or your marriage celebration, you can consult a notary at any time to have access to his precious advice!

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