Wedding /Marriage – some wonderful wedding ideas for small budgets

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Wedding – where and how you can celebrate your marriage. You decide to get married?  Fantastic!  Congratulations!  Now is the time to think about the ceremony and send the invitations!  By the way, have you thought about your budget?  This is often neglected when you think of marriage that can be very expensive.  But it’s very possible to make a great wedding with a small budget!  Here are the steps to make!

Review your priorities

Your marriage is not obligated to cost tens of thousands of dollars!  But to get a better idea, determine what you want to include at your wedding.  Here it all depends on whether you want a big party or something more intimate.  Where will the ceremony go?  Do you invite 20 or 150 people?  Do you want a private caterer with unlimited alcohol or not?  It’s up to you to see the whole thing.

Choose location

Not obliged to be in a hotel, or in a church to get married!  In fact, Quebec is full of beautiful places at low cost for couples who want to unite!  Among those, the Colony of Strikes offers a cottage-style wedding.  The St-Gabriel Inn offers you to celebrate a wedding that resembles those of fairy tales and the Alexanderplatz Bar offer you a hipster style wedding.  Note that the price varies between $1 000 and $5 000 (and more, that depend on your choices and your style).

Use your entourage

No need to have suppliers at rates that cost you the eyes of the head!  When you have people around you who have multiple talents, asking them for service is the least of the things.  If a friend is a musician, he can be your DJ.  If a cousin is self-employed in photography field, he can take photos or video of your wedding day!  If your mother works in pastry, she can prepare for you a marvellous cake!  And more!

Make our own decorations

We like having wedding decorations!  It’s beautiful, it looks good, but it’s expensive…  So why not make the stuff yourself?  It’s affordable and you can afford to do something creative that fits your tastes.  In addition, stores at $1 have a ton of items to help you.  You can also check out Pinterest and YouTube for more ideas.

Conclusion and other ideas

Apart from the points presented, there are others, like revise the dress, which costs quite expensive thank you!  Shops like 1861, eShakti, offer dresses at less than $150.  Otherwise, Etsy and Kijiji are websites that offer discount dresses!  Or you can see for food like, for example, having a food truck instead of a specialized caterer.

In the end, there are plenty of great ways to save for your wedding.  Just review what you really want.  If you have contacts and help, good!  It is not because you get married that you become in debt, even if “love has no price”.  On this, good marriage and congratulations!

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