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Civil wedding / civil marriage before a notary marriage officiant / wedding officiant in Montreal

What is civil marriage? Maître Leopold Lincà civil marriage notary in Montreal and civil marriage officiant / wedding officiant Montreal, offers you his skills in the field of family law and explains you the steps of the celebration of a civil marriage / civil wedding in Montreal (Quebec), the documents you need, as well as the rights and obligations in marriage. Maître Leopold Lincà, notary in Montreal civil marriage / wedding officiant Montreal notary celebrant, is the best choice for you to celebrate your wedding civil marriage Montreal and civil union; he places at your disposal his expertise as well as two magnificent halls / ceremony rooms among the best in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and area adapted to your needs.

“Get married in 21 days after your first consultation with Mtre Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal, marriage notary officiant wedding of civil marriage in Montreal.”

Are you looking for a notary marriage, a civil wedding officiant Montreal to celebrate your civil marriage in Montreal or your civil union? Come discover the considerable benefits and the place where the celebration of your civil wedding or civil marriage Montreal will be held by Mtre Leopold Lincà notary and wedding officiant Montreal , authorized by the Directeur de l’état civil of Quebec, civil marriage notary in Montreal. On site, at no cost, free ceremony room; benefit from a beautiful wedding venue hall in Montreal for your marriage ceremony celebration. Montreal civil marriage room specialy arranged for your wedding ceremony.

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Choose Maître Leopold Lincà, Montreal notary is member of the Chamber of Notaries in Quebec, a legal advisor as a wedding officiant for your wedding and civil marriage in Montreal, with a great experience for your celebration wedding Montreal. Maître Lincà notary, wedding officiant Montreal, marriage celebrant, will guarantee the celebration of your civil marriage within 21 days after the first meeting.

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Choose a legal expert with great experience, with many satisfied customers of his services, a specialist in the wedding celebration, civil marriage or civil union!  Your civil marriage celebration is one of the most important moments of your life, represents the union of your love, it must be valued and made unforgettable; your civil wedding ceremony and your vows must reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. Although you are spoiled for choice among all the wedding ceremony celebrated in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and beyond, it is unlikely that everyone will be as available, courteous and flexible as Maître Leopold Lincà, notary who offers you a celebration of your memorable civil wedding. Maître Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal, in addition to the wedding celebration and the ceremony, will inform you and give you legal advice regarding the effects of marriage and other related matters.

Maître Lincà notary in Montreal celebrates civil marriage earlier than the courthouse.

Keeping unforgettable memories of your civil wedding day – taking professional photos –

Due to his extensive experience in the field, Maître Lincà, wedding officiant and notary is authorized by the Ministry of Justice, to act as a celebrant title and officiate your civil wedding ceremony. He welcome you in his office and listen to you, provide you with personalized legal advice, to choose the context of the celebration of your wedding or the celebration of your civil union, offering you a solid legal framework, for the future.

 Maître Leopold Lincà marriage notary and civil marriage officiant, offers you his skills in the field of family law and explains you the steps of the celebration of a civil marriage, the documents you need, as well as the rights and the responsibilities you will have after the wedding.

 Maître Leopold Lincà, your civil wedding officiant, takes care to listen to you, to respect and consider your traditions and values ​​when planning the unfolding of the wedding ceremony, so that your wedding celebration or your civil union celebration represents a memorable moment of your lives.

Get along for the process of getting married, from a civil marriage contract to organizing and preparing for your civil wedding ceremony


Maître Leopold Lincà, public notary Montreal will ensure a civil wedding ceremony, civil marriage ceremony or civil union personalized, to meet your wishes, so that this day will be a memorable one for you, your family, and friends.

Legal advice, expertise for choosing a matrimonial regime, marriage contract drafting, and civil union services in French and English, availability to travel to your place of celebration, these are the benefits you will enjoy if you choose Maître Lincà, notary.

Price and costs for a civil marriage celebration officiated by a marriage officiant notary and wedding officiant in Montreal, Québec varies from one officiant to another, depending his experience and expertise (the notary will allow you to grasp all the implications of civil marriage). Maître Lincà notary in Montreal marriage officiant / wedding officiant offer you a competitive price starting $350 and you will benefit from a courteous, personalized service.

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Notary, legal advisor, offer notarial services, specializing in family law and inheritance, Maître Lincà, public notary in Montreal will help you equally in drawing up wills, powers of attorney, and mandates in the case of incapacity.

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