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“Mtre Leopold Lincà notary and wedding officiant in Montreal is able to celebrate your civil marriage in 21 days after your first appointment. “



Celebrate your Montreal civil marriage and civil union; celebration civil wedding/civil marriage within 21 days – wedding officiant notary with a lot of experience. The civil marriage is different from the religious marriage. The civil marriage is solemnized by a wedding officiant approved by the Minister of Justice of Quebec. Mtre Lincà notary can celebrate your civil marriage in Montreal after the period of 20 days after the publication of the notice of marriage; the waiting time in the various courthouses – Montreal Courthouse, Laval Courthouse, Longueuil Courthouse, etc. could reach 90 days or more. 

Civil wedding Montreal – Civil marriage Montreal and civil union. Of course, you could always get legally married at the Montreal Courthouse; celebrating your wedding at the courthouse civil marriage must take place between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm during normal hours. You can also chose a personalized marriage celebration or civil union in Montreal – Mtre Leopold Lincà notary and civil marriage in Montreal, is a member of the Chamber of Notaries Quebec, the professional association of notaries and the International Union of Notaries; Mtre Lincà specialist in civil marriage for Montreal and surroundings, can celebrate your marriage between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm, on the day of your choice.

A civil union is a type of legal relationship between couples in Quebec. In a civil union, couples of the same or opposite sex officially promise to live together and respect their rights and obligations under this type of relationship.

You have taken an important decision, to join in matrimony the person you love and you wish to enjoy the rights and respect the obligations arising therefrom.

The celebration of a Montreal civil marriage your Montreal civil wedding, is a ceremony held in a solemn place, where the wedding officiant, your marriage celebrant designated by law, receives the consent of the spouses and declares them married to each other.

Marriage – what is it?  Marriage is a solemn act by which two persons commit themselves in public to live together, to respect the rights and the obligations of their union which are conferred on them by the law. Although marriage is today seen as a family celebration, it remains a legal act.


In Quebec, you can celebrate your civil marriage or civil union in front of a wedding officiant authorized by the law, or to the Law Court, either in front of a notary wedding officiant in Montreal.

The prices ( fees and costs) for the celebration of a civil marriage at the Montreal Courthouse.civil wedding are approximate $300. Celebration civil wedding, marriage vary from a notary wedding officiant to another one. For Mtre Lincà notary marriage officiant, the price is $300 to celebrate a civil marriage in his wedding ceremony room.  The price of a civil marriage officiant licensed to perform this role: notary, mayor, clerk, minister of religion by the Registrar of Civil Status or Ministry of Justice, costs between $300 and $700.

Maître Leopold Lincà, notary and wedding officiant the fees and cost, for the preliminary consultation and the celebration of civil marriage vary according to the moment and the place which you will choose for the celebration of your civil marriage.

The experience, the expertise and the offered services are essential factors in the established price.

You can celebrate your civil marriage and civil wedding or civil union before a wedding officiant, a marriage celebrant recognized by law, or before a notary, who can also be a wedding officiant.

Maître Leopold Lincà, notary, marriage wedding in Montreal, offers you the best services, it moves to the place of your choice at your home, in a wedding reception room in Montreal, Laval North-Shore, Longueuil South-Shore, Brossard and area at a fair and reasonable price.


Do you want to get married at the Courthouse or do you want to get married in front of a notary public?


For more information, you can contact the Civil Marriage Service of the courthouse. The future spouses must obtain and complete the form “General information: civil marriage” available at the civil marriage service of the Courthouse. Celebrating a civil wedding at the Montreal Courthouse is one of the possibilities open to you for your union.

Maître Leopold Lincà, notary in Montreal, authorized by the Department of Justice as a civil marriage officiant. The civil marriage celebrated by a notary, and more particular by  Maître Leopold Lincà, notary celebrating civil marriages in Montreal and surroundings is different from a civil marriage celebrated by a clerk at the Courthouse of Montreal, particularly with regard to many advantages that it offers you – flexibility of the place, the date and the time of celebration of your wedding.

It is very important to evaluate the options and benefits in order to make a wise choice. Also note that the civil marriage celebrated by a notary is different from a religious marriage, especially if the religious wedding is celebrated by an unauthorized person to celebrate a civil marriage.



Why choose a notary as a civil marriage or civil union celebrant? The benefits of a notary officiant.


The Quebec government extended to notaries the power to celebrate civil unions and marriages. However, some easing has been planned for the notary public.

 The advantages are many: a notary offers you the freedom to celebrate your marriage and civil wedding at any date, while at the Courthouse, this celebration cannot be held on certain days of the year (on Sundays, on some public holidays, religious or civil holidays).

No doubt, you will benefit from a shorter waiting period than at the Montreal Courthouse, Laval Courthouse and Longueuil Courthouse where it takes about 60 days. In our analysis, you can get married 20 days after the first meeting with your notary, following the publication at the Directeur de l’etat civil du Québec. of your intention to marry.

The same situation arises when fixing the hour: while at the Courthouse the celebration takes place between 9 am and 16.30 pm, in a notary’s office, it can be held until 22 pm.

Another advantage in deciding in favor of an officiant notary is the place of celebration, that you can choose according to your taste and to your wishes.

The notary will come to your home, to a restaurant, or to any other place that respects the solemn and public nature of the ceremony.

In addition, Maître Leopold Lincà notary  places at your disposal a celebration hall, in case you would wish to no longer worry about where the civil ceremony will take place.

Finally, the notary is the only officiant capable of explaining the possible matrimonial regimes and of drawing up for you a marriage or civil union contracts, if you wish.

Maître Leopold Lincà, notary authorized as a wedding officiant, will provide you with personalized legal advice and will assist you in learning about the legal aspects and the consequences of marriage. He will take care of the drafting of your marriage contract (if required) and of its registration in the Register of personal and movable real rights.

célébrant mariage civil

Civil marriage or Civil union?

As with the civil wedding ceremony, the civil union celebration takes place in a solemn place, where the officiant notary, as a public officer, receives the mutual consent of the spouses and declares them united to each other.

The rights and the obligations of a civil union are governed by the same provisions as those applicable to marriage. The celebration of a civil union meets the same requirements applicable to marriage (the display of the publication act 20 days before the union celebration date, ceremony conducted by an officer of the law, etc.) and entitles to one of the three possible matrimonial regimes.

The differences between marriage and civil union lie in the age of the spouses (18 and over for civil unions, 16 and over for the wedding, with legal guardian consent) and in the conditions for the dissolution of the civil union.

A civil union is dissolved by the couple’s marriage, by the death of one of the partners, by a court judgment, or by a joint declaration of the spouses given before a notary.

Therefore, the civil union entails the advantage of giving the couple the same rights as a marriage and of allowing a less costly dissolution, with the assistance of a notary.

célébrant mariage civil

Marriage or civil union between same-sex partners

Following the June 2002 amendments to the Civil Code of Québec, homosexual couples (gay and lesbian community LGBT) may, also, opt for civil marriage or civil union.

The celebration of a marriage or civil union between same-sex partners can take place before the notary, who will establish the necessary procedures for the marriage to be legally valid.

The notary will draft, at the spouses’ choice, a marriage contract or a civil union one.

Enjoy your wedding day in Montreal on the shores of a lake, at the restaurant among friends, in a luxurious place, or simply in our office’s ceremonial hall. We will assist you so that you have a personalized as well as a solemn ceremony. Our mission is to offer you clear legal advice in understandable terms and professional legal services.