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Planning a civil wedding! How to get married in Montreal?

What are the steps to get married in Quebec?


12 Q&A about civil marriage in Quebec


1.  Apart from a notary, who has the right to celebrate a civil marriage in Quebec?

How to choose the celebrant of your civil marriage in Quebec? Where can I find a notary, civil marriage celebrant in Quebec? How to check if the celebrant is authorized by law to solemnize marriages?

For a civil wedding, there are various public officials who can act as officiants. You can even choose to be married by some other person who’s special to you, but in this case the person must apply for authorization from the Minister of Justice at least three months before the ceremony. To be sure your chosen person is indeed legally authorized to celebrate the marriage in Quebec, you can search this register of officiants. You can also search for a notary at The Chambre des Notaires.


2.  What are the conditions to any marriage in Montreal or elsewhere in the province of Quebec?

To be eligible to marry, you must be of legal age. You must be single, so if you’ve been married before, you’ll need documentation to prove that you’re legally divorced or widowed. You can’t be closely related, and you must be freely willing and able to make the decision to marry. It’s your officiant’s job to confirm all of this with the proper documents that you will have to provide.


3.  What documents do you need to get married in Quebec?

Documents for the future spouses

Proof of identity of the spouses:

Two legible and unexpired pieces of identification, at least one of which contains a photo, such as a driver’s licence, health insurance card or passport.

  • Proof of age of the future spouses: birth certificate or birth certificate.
  • Proof of marital status of the future spouses:
  • If the future spouse is single : no document is required.
  • If the future spouse is single following a civil union or annulled marriage: certified copy of the annulment judgment.
  • Single following a dissolved civil union: authentic copy of the joint declaration of dissolution received before a notary or certified copy of the judgment dissolving the civil union.
  • Divorced: certified copy of the divorce certificate or certified copy of the irrevocable divorce judgment.
  • Widowed: death certificate of the deceased or copy of the death certificate of the deceased.

Documents for the witnesses

At the initial meeting, the spouses must be accompanied by a witness who attests to the information contained in the civil marriage publication such as the names of the spouses, their dates and places of birth.

The witness must present to the officiating notary two legible and unexpired pieces of identification, at least one of which contains a photo, such as a driver’s licence, health insurance card or passport.

The two witnesses who will be present on the day of the celebration of the civil marriage do not have to present any identification.


4.  How to choose an appropriate venue for the ceremony

You and your intended spouse are free to choose the place where your marriage will be solemnized, such as:

  • a courthouse;
  • a reception room in a hotel;
  • a park or garden
  • a notary office.

However, you must ensure that the place:

  • is suitable for a solemn ceremony;
  • has a suitable layout;
  • is covered by your celebrant’s authorization to solemnize marriages.


5.  How much does it cost to get legally married in Quebec? What are the fees for a civil wedding officiant?

In addition to all the other costs, you must be prepared to pay an administrative fee for the solemnization of your marriage, which varies depending on the officiant and venue.


You generally pay the required fee at the time of your interview with the clerk or deputy clerk. In other cases, you must pay the fee before the notice of publication of the marriage is posted on the registrar of civil status website; or when you are granted a dispensation from publication.


An officiant other than a court clerk will inform you of the fee payable and the payment methods.

Getting married in Quebec, Montreal at the notary fees. The rates and fees at the notary Leopold Lincà, civil marriage celebrant in Montreal, for a civil wedding celebration, are starting at $500. Civil marriages are celebrated in its two magnificent wedding rooms in Montreal intended for the ceremony.


6.  How to choose the time and language for the ceremony

A marriage at the courthouse must take place between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm during normal hours (i.e. not on Sundays or holidays). If you are getting married in another location, like in a notary office, the ceremony can take place between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm on the day of your choice and as agreed to with your officiant. The language of the ceremony must be French or English. If one of you does not understand either language, you will have to hire an interpreter.


7.  How quickly can you get married in Quebec?

The answer is: “In as little as 21 days.” Why this number?

The officiant have to post the Notice of Marriage. This must be published on the website of the Directeur de l’état civil up 20 days before the ceremony. In principle, this gives anyone who opposes the marriage a chance to speak up.


8.  Can I get married remotely?

Regardless of your situation, you must attend your own wedding. This is because marriage by power of attorney (mandate / proxy) or long-distance marriage is prohibited in Quebec. This means that you cannot mandate a relative to act in your place during the ceremony. Therefore, only you can, during the ceremony, consent to your marriage at the request of the officiant and sign the declaration of marriage.

Furthermore, the officiant must verify your identity.


9.  What does the law say about civil marriage of non-residents in Quebec?

Civil Marriage in Quebec, Montreal  and everywhere in Canada is governed as to its basic conditions, by the Federal Law on Civil Marriage. The latter does not impose any citizenship or residency requirements to allow marriage. It is thus entirely possible to marry a non-Canadian and/or non-resident person.

The future non-Canadian and/or non-resident spouse must provide the same documents as a Canadian, i.e. two valid official photo IDs, the original of his or her birth certificate or act .

The document presented must mention the name of the parents and be written in French or English. If the birth certificate or act of birth is written in a language other than French or English, it must be accompanied by an official translation.

Find out more: Civil marriage of Non-Residents Act


10.  Is same-sex marriage legal in Quebec?

Absolutely, Quebec has also been a forerunner in terms of the rights and freedoms of LGBT+ people, by establishing civil union. Now civil marriage and civil union are options for all couples in Quebec, including those of the same sex. Everyone has the same rights.


11.  Will I have to change my surname?

In Québec, both spouses keep their surname after they marry. In other words, you must use the surname you were given at birth to exercise your civil rights, for example when you sign a contract, or apply for a driver’s licence.

Even if you married outside Québec but you are domiciled in Québec, you must exercise your civil rights using the surname you were given at birth.

However, in your social life you can, if you wish, use your spouse’s surname.


12. What to expect with the ceremony of your Montreal Notary Marriage? What will happen after the civil wedding ceremony in Quebec? 

Immediately after the ceremony, the officiant gets you and your witnesses to sign the Declaration of Marriage and sends it off to the Directeur de l’état civil. Once it has been entered in the register of civil status, you can apply to obtain a copy if you need or want one.


Montreal Notary Civil Marriage & Wedding


Planning to celebrate your wedding, your civil marriage in Montreal, Quebec? Call Mtre Leopold Lincà notary for civil marriage in Montreal and notary wedding officiant so we can make this big moment happened officially.


Mtre Leopold Lincà Notary Montreal, Notary Marriage and Civil Wedding Officiant in Montreal – Can a notary marry you in Quebec? It’s a Frequently Asked Question. Yes, of course, since 2002, a notary can celebrate a civil marriage in Quebec. How can I get married fast and easy? When two people want to get married, they must first choose a competent wedding officiant / marriage celebrant. The celebration of a civil marriage is of great importance since it is an opportunity for the two beings concerned to solemnly and publicly declare that they want to take each other as spouses. With a great experience, Mtre Leopold Lincà notary for marriage and his team can assist you in your wedding project, making your civil marriage a memorable moment. But celebrating a wedding is more than a ceremony. In fact, there are rules that govern the validity of a marriage.

Who can legally officiate a wedding in Quebec, Canada? The law allowed notaries since 2002 to perform civil marriages. By virtue of his functions, the notary, public officer and auxiliary of justice, is the best professional appointed to perform this function as a wedding officiant. The provisions of the Civil Code of Quebec devoted to the celebration of marriage impose on celebrants many responsibilities, some of which are already familiar to notaries, such as the obligation to verify the identity of the parties and to ensure their consent. Mtre Leopold Lincà notary, who will celebrate your civil marriage, will answer all your questions about the conduct of the ceremony, obtaining a marriage certificate, matrimonial regimes, the prenuptial agreement, etc. Thanks to his expertise, Mtre Lincà will be able to inform you how to protect your loved ones after your marriage, how to protect your wealth, and so on. Call us for more info.

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montreal, Quebec and a notarial law degree from the University of Montreal, Mtre Lincà notary in Montreal is member Chamber of Notaires in Québec and civil marriage celebrant, civil wedding officiant is able to offer you legal solutions perfectly tailored to your particular situation.

Are you looking for a notary wedding officiant to celebrate your civil marriage? “Mtre Leopold Lincà notary Montreal, wedding officiant in Montreal is able to celebrate your civil marriage Montreal in 21 days after your first appointment. “

If you require good advices in order to choose the adequate legal framework for your couple (marriage or civil union), Mtre Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal will be pleased to present to you each option’s benefits and will help you make an informed choice.

Subsequently, he will act as a wedding officiant, civil marriage celebrant, in a pleasant space that he puts at your disposal, or in a location that you choose. Whatever your case may be, in Mtre Leopold Lincà notary’s office you will find answers that are relevant, quick, confidential, and at fair prices.
His clients value both the variety of his legal services and the professionalism he has shown in suggesting actions that fit their needs.

Here are several benefits of choosing Leopold Lincà notary in Montreal as your wedding officiant, marriage officiant – affordable fees, quick service, good price, personalized wedding ceremony, adapted costs at your needs.

Who is considered an officiant? Mtre Leopold Lincà, public notary in Montreal welcomes you and accompanies you in the decisive moments of your life.

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