Celebrating civil marriage and civil union by a notary

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Have you been a couple for some time and you decided to become united by the bond of the civil marriage or civil union? Do you want to enjoy a ceremony as you always dreamed before a notary and civil union celebrant? You are in the perfect place! Mtre Leopold Lincà notary and civil officer in marriage or civil union, in addition to the wedding celebration and ceremony, your notary will inform you and give you legal advice regarding the effects of marriage and other related matters. Me Lincà notary in Montreal celebrates civil marriage earlier than the courthouse.


Mtre Leopold Lincà, wedding officiant, notary Montreal, Laval and Longueuil is well known for his extensive experience in family law matters and for the flexibility to celebrate civil union ceremonies for hundreds of couples.

Marriage, common-law union and civil union – do you know the differences?

Created in Quebec in 2002, the civil union is one of the options available to all couples of different sexes or of the same sex (both heterosexuals and homosexuals) to devote their connection, to live together and to benefit from all the rights and obligations before the law. The civil union is therefore an option for all couples, chosen mainly because it can be dissolute in certain conditions without having to go to the Court.

Although it is more advantageous from this point of view, the civil union is recognized only in Quebec and it imposes on the future spouses the minimum age of 18 years, while for marriage, they need to be 16 years of age. There are also other differences between these two options, therefore it’s best if you speak to a notary before deciding for one or the other.

What are the conditions for the civil union?

During your first interview with the notary of your choice, you will learn in detail the conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to be able to celebrate the civil union and also what documents you will have to bring. In short, the notary checks the following:

  • The lack of close family ties between the two future spouses (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter – both by blood or adoption)
  • Their marital status: they both mustn’t be married or civilly united with other persons
  • The ability to give public consent in front of a celebrant and also in front of two witnesses
  • Obtaining the signature of a witness on the act of publication of the civil union. According to the law, this act must be posted 20 days before the date set for the celebration of the union.
  • Required documents: original birth certificates, official and valid identification with a photo and signature, irrevocable divorce judgment (if it is the case), original death certificate of the previous spouse (if it is the case).

What is the celebration of the civil union?

The celebration of a civil union is a ceremony that is held in a solemn location, during which the civil union officiant / notary celebrant receives the consent of the spouses and after that, the civil union officiant declares them united to each other.

The two future spouses subsequently sign a declaration of civil union which will be forwarded to the Registrar of Civil Status. The latter draws up the act of civil union and delivers it, on request, to the couple.

What are the rights and obligations of the spouses during the civil union?

The civil union creates the same rights and responsibilities as marriage; the spouses must respect  the articles which apply to them from Civil Code of Quebec.

And in case of disagreement?

This is precisely where the interest of the civil union resides, in case the spouses decide not to have children. Indeed, if the two can no longer agree and they have no children, they can simply terminate their union by a joint declaration of the dissolution of the civil union. The declaration must be drawn up and drafted by a notary.

If you need any more details, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Me Leopold Lincà, notary! You will learn that you can also design and benefit from a customized ceremony which will be personalized according to your taste, with readings or with interventions of relatives, with musical selections, and in the place of your own choice.

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