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Montreal Wedding – While in Quebec, only 27% of men and 30% of women will get married before the age of 50, and mostly in civil union, according to data from the Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ), the importance of this day and the preparations for the big day make the choice of the reception venue crucial.

Montreal Wedding Venue – The 12 beautiful and interesting places in Montreal to celebrate our wedding – Montreal, a romantic city, is full of interesting places for the celebration of your wedding or civil union. Depending on our style and budget, whether we follow trends or are more traditional, we will find in the following list 12 places frequently chosen, trendy or, on the contrary, unusual for our wedding reception.

1) When marriage goes hand in hand with tradition

Montreal Wedding Venues – The 12 beautiful and interesting places in Montreal to celebrate our wedding – The grand hotels in Montreal, hotels in Laval Rive-Nord, hotels in Longueuil Rive-Sud are the preferred choice for those who want to get married while combining luxury and tradition. The Hotel Omni, due to its location at the base of Mount Royal, is a natural choice for taking excellent wedding photos. The two wedding and reception rooms are spacious and tasteful, as is the glass space, ideal for cocktails.

The Sofitel Hotel, also very well located, is the favorite of thoselooking for exceptional service and food quality.

And for timeless luxury, the palm still goes to the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The gardens and the Oval Lounge remain synonymous with the highest elegance for a princely wedding, with a significant price tag. 

 2) A little history

Some people prefer the warmer and more comfortable atmosphere of the old ancestral homes of Montreal, a historic city. At Auberge Saint-Gabriel, the old-fashioned atmosphere is very appreciated by those who prefer rustic charm over the ostentation of large hotels. Furthermore, it is a place rich in history with a five-star restaurant.

Another option for small intimate receptions with a historical atmosphere is the Vaults of the Northheimer building at the Intercontinental Hotel, with foundations made of stones from the 18th century.

 3) Let’s talk budget

If we desire a traditional wedding but the magnificence of the Ritz and its prices do not fit our budget, or if simply our tastes or values lead us to a less expensive place, the Vieille Brasserie in Lachine, located on the waterfront, is an excellent alternative. It can accommodate 110 people inside or outside with a view of the Canal, for beautiful photos. You can visit www.larisaphotographemontreal.com to get an estimate from a professional team.

4) Trendy weddings

For nature lovers, it is possible to rent the Jamaican Pavilion, located in the heart of Notre-Dame Island, in the wooded area of the beautiful Floralies Gardens. A former pavilion dating back to Expo 67, it has been completely renovated and offers maximum comfort and large windows in an enchanting setting.

Are you more of a “museum” type? The Science Center and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts both offer spaces bathed in light and breathtaking views, withthat distinctive charm that sets them apart from more usual venues.

For small wedding receptions that have a distinctive character, the Olympic Stadium, just next to the Botanical Garden, will literally make your head spin, with its leaning tower that offers a 360° view of the city.

5) What if we got married at the restaurant?

Ristorante Beatrice, with its unique decor, offers exclusive use of the restaurant for wedding receptions. It has two large wedding halls for this purpose and can accommodate 140 guests indoors and up to 200 guests in its garden.

 6) We’re thinking big

Montreal Wedding Venues – The 12 beautiful and interesting places in Montreal to celebrate our wedding – Finally, if you are planning on having a lot of guests, consider old industrial spaces that will add an unusual touch to the celebration.

The Entrepôts Dominion also have the advantage of offering either an all-inclusive package under the guidance of their event specialist, or on the contrary, a flexible formula that allowsthe future newlyweds to manage other costs themselves, such as catering, furniture and decoration, and only pay the rental price. And we can safely say they offer very large spaces.

Montreal Wedding Venues – And then, there will always be another choice on this list, and that’s your personal favorite. From a small boat cruise to the Théâtre Paradoxe and the Parisian Laundry, Montreal offers a plethora of original and affordable spaces, as well as other excellent options to make your wedding reception a complete success.

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