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Civil wedding officiants in Montreal. Getting married in Quebec. Ready for the big day? One of the first steps in organizing a wedding or civil union is choosing the officiant, often in conjunction with the ceremony location. If you choose to get married at the Palais de justice de Montréal (Montreal Courthouse), for example, the choice of officiant will be limited to a clerk or deputy clerk, and the day and time of your wedding will be restricted to the Palais’ opening hours and available time slots. If, on the other hand, you choose to marry before a notary, you’ll sure have greater flexibility in the dates, days, times and location of your wedding. And you’ll be able to get married in as little as 21 days by choosing a notary celebrant specialized in civil unions and marriages like Me Leopold Lincà.

One of the first things to remember is that in Quebec, for your marriage or civil union to be valid, it must take place before a legally recognized officiant authorized to solemnize marriages. This requirement applies to all marriages, whether celebrated civilly or religiously. Otherwise, if your officiant is not authorized by the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec, your marriage will not be recognized by law.

As mentioned, only certain people are authorized to officiate at a marriage or civil union in Quebec. However, it is also possible to request special authorization from the Directeur de l’état civil for a particular person, such as a family member, to celebrate the event. If you can ask a parent, relative or friend to officiate your wedding, first make sure they meet certain conditions.

To be sure that your wedding officiant is competent and authorized, you can consult the Registre des célébrants of the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec.

Civil wedding officiants in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec – CIVILLY CELEBRATED MARRIAGE


If you wish to marry civilly, your officiant may be a clerk or deputy clerk of the Superior Court, a notary, a lawyer, a mayor, a member of the municipal or borough council, or a municipal civil servant.



If you prefer to marry in a religious ceremony, the officiant will be a minister of religion authorized to perform marriages according to your religion.

Important to know: A minister of religion has the right to refuse to celebrate your marriage if the conditions specific to his or her religion are not met, or if there are impediments to your marriage according to that religion.

Source : The complete guide to civil marriage in Quebec : Your civil wedding in Quebec from A to Z



The cost of your civil marriage or civil union will vary depending on the wedding officiant and the location you choose. If you are marrying your spouse at your local or regional courthouse or City Hall, we invite you to contact the courthouse or the City Hall to find out the fees, the days and times of celebration, as these may vary according to the judicial district. Many days of the year are closed to courthouse wedding ceremonies.

A notarized marriage provides greater flexibility in the days and times of your civil wedding ceremony. At Maitre Leopold Lincà office’s, you can get married in one of three locations: two halls, one offering refined chic for up to 20 people and the other more intimate for a more limited number of people; but also a garden courtyard for a flower-filled outdoor wedding. For a fee, the notary can also travel to your location. We invite you to contact us for more details concerning our services and our rates.

Civil wedding officiants in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec – What’s more, Lincà Study can marry you any day of the week, including public holidays, between 9am and 10pm, as required by law.

Another advantage of consulting an experienced union and civil marriage officiant like Me Leopold Lincà is that he is also a legal advisor who can answer all your questions about your upcoming marriage. Choosing your civil marriage officiant in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec is a legally decisive step. Make sure you choose wisely.

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