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Where to find your engagement or wedding ring in Montreal?


Wedding ring – Engagement ring. Engagement rings are usually handcrafted from 18k gold. However, if you want gold with a different number of carats, you can surely find something in your style. It is also possible to engrave the name of the spouses or any other word or phrase you wish on the inside of the engagement ring.

Here are some useful links for luxurious collections of rings, gems of rare elegance, collection of models with timeless charm, for connoisseurs, and even at very affordable prices:

Tiffany & Co.; Dorothée Rosen; Maison Birks; Pierre-Yves Paquette; Kaufmann de Suisse; Freitag Concept; Zimmermann; Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h; Costco; Pomellato et Pianegonda

How to choose a wedding ring for engagement or wedding in Montreal?


When the civil marriage is followed by a religious or civil marriage the exchange of wedding rings is generally done during the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings are the most universal symbol of union through marriage. You will find a wide choice of unique range of wedding alliance (marriage ring) in all jewelry stores in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and surrounding areas.

In some cultures, the man and woman both exchange engagement rings. This gesture represents the official agreement of a future marriage. The origin of this custom is a long, rather vague story. In ancient Rome, it was believed that the vein in the fourth finger led directly to the heart. It was known as vena amoris, the vein of love. The engagement ring was therefore placed on this finger. The tradition has obviously continued.

How much to pay for an engagement or wedding jewelry in Montreal?


Looking for an engagement ring or your future wedding rings in Montreal, Quebec, at an affordable price? The old rule was to spend two to three months’ salary on a ring. It’s outdated, but couples should still seriously consider how much they can realistically afford. The range of choices in a jewelry store can be overwhelming. To stay on track, first determine whether you want a marriage ring / wedding alliance, and what style.

The price of a dream – In most cases, you will have to spend at least $900 to acquire a custom piece created by a renowned master jeweler, but certain creations can reach $10,000 and more, according to specialists in the field.

Wedding Ring - Engagement Ring - Marriage Alliance Montreal

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Engagement ring, Wedding ring – But why contact a notary wedding officiant?


Wedding ring – If you want a romantic ceremony, you may be disappointed… However, civil marriage is not only limited to this type of situation. You can contact a notary / civil marriage officiant to have his wedding officiant services! And it goes even further!

What you need to know above all is that the notary is a legal specialist. During your union, you will have to choose, for example, your matrimonial regime, know concepts concerning family heritage, your rights and obligations in marriage.

These elements are found in your marriage contract, which you of course sign on the day of your union and accordingly with the Civil Code of Quebec. However, you don’t want to sign papers when you just want to dance!

So, your notary, who is your civil marriage celebrant, can explain everything to you before the ceremony by popularizing the information so that you can not only be aware of your new married status, but also that you know the obligations that this implied.

Civil marriage now has the possibility of being celebrated in front of a notary, a clerk, a civil servant, or other authorized celebrant. But very often, getting married in a civil court means going to the Montreal Courthouse and in front of a court clerk.

The main functions of the notary as wedding officiant / marriage celebrant


In the context of a marriage, the notary acts as a legal advisor at your service. It supports you in order to better guide you in the choice of your matrimonial regime. This has its advantages and disadvantages and in the event of a separation, the division of property will be different depending on the regime. So, choose carefully!

Your notary is there to authenticate your deeds. As part of a marriage contract, it requires your signature before a notary.

However, your notary also remains available afterwards if you want to change something in your marriage contract. Before making a contract modification, consult your notary! Of course, for any modification, it will need the consent of both parties.

Another advantage of having a notary as your wedding celebrant is that they are flexible regarding your wedding day and where you want to get married. This is quite the opposite of other wedding celebrants who can carry out your union only with certain constraints of location or day!



With what you have just read, perhaps you are thinking about calling a notary for your wedding. If this is the case, also tell yourself that if you choose the legal regime of the partnership of acquests as your matrimonial regime, there is no need for the intervention of a notary for a marriage contract, unless there are other financial matters that you want to resolve between you.

You have just seen the numerous advantages of using a notary for your marriage. Indeed, not only is it much more flexible in terms of availability, but it can offer you valuable advice regarding the matrimonial regime and family assets so that you can benefit as much as possible.


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