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Traditionally, the wedding dress is expected to be white. However, some future brides dream of wearing a colorful wedding dress. Among them, some are even tempted to make a choice that is completely opposite to tradition: getting married in black.

It is worth noting that the tie, preferably black, is also fashionable for grooms, who will wear suits of a single color. In case of patterns, stripes will prevail according to the latest trends. But the trend is mainly towards boldness and breaking the trends, precisely.

Whether to stand out or not, the choice is yours – Getting married in Quebec (Montreal)

It is a crucial decision for every wedding: how to create a wedding celebration that reflects you, modern and different from others? According to the French Wedding Trends Guide 2024 from mariages.net, couples are encouraged to let their originality shine:

“Nonconformity has become the norm, with the desires of the couple and their individuality taking precedence over traditions, sometimes even abandoning them completely. Getting married in black or in colors is not unthinkable. The trend is towards boldness, shaking up established norms.

The black dress, increasingly present in wedding dress collections, attracts attention and offers a captivating alternative to the traditional white dress. The same goes for black suits for grooms, which stand out for their elegance and originality. Turning to a short wedding dress or traditional outfits can also be a modern and refreshing option.

And yes, traditional outfits are actually trendy, paradoxically. Many civil weddings before a notary are done with outfits from the country of origin of the couple. Take a look at some photos of our couples to convince you.

Flowers everywhere… that’s also a trend.

Flowers are no longer limited to bouquets or table decorations, they are also present on clothing, especially boutonnieres.

Speaking of flowers… why not choose to get married in a courtyard or garden? For a civil wedding in Montreal, Quebec, Notary Leopold Linca, officiant specializing in civil marriage ceremonies, offers a blooming courtyard all year round.

 Intimate Wedding – Getting married in Quebec (Montreal)

Intimate weddings have been gaining popularity in recent years. The health crisis has reinforced the desire to focus on the essentials and prioritize what matters. This approach is reflected in weddings, which opt for a more restricted atmosphere.

However, an intimate wedding does not necessarily mean a lack of glamour. Opting for a civil wedding in a notary’s office like Cabinet Linca offers the best of both worlds. You can choose between a refined wedding ceremony venue in Montreal, that can accommodate up to 20 guests or our another civil marriage hall, a more discreet option for a very intimate civil wedding. Plus, the “Radiant Gardens” courtyard allows you to combine two trends into one: an intimate outdoor wedding.

In a world where minimalism and intimacy are favored, weddings are becoming increasingly simple and personal. A civil wedding ceremony in an intimate setting, surrounded by loved ones, can be the perfect solution. Whether you choose black, white, colors, or tradition, the essential thing is to make this day a celebration that reflects who you are. This year, originality is key, so dare to be yourself for this unique moment in your life.


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