Montreal marriage / civil wedding – Same-sex civil marriage or civil union

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Gay wedding / civil union – Marriage ceremony. Civil Marriage in Montreal.

The sexual orientation of individuals has always been a sensitive issue. Yet, the new millennium has arrived with significant mentality changes, and the inhabitants of Montreal are among the most advanced people in this respect.

Canada is in fact the 3rd country, after Belgium and Netherlands, which grants same-sex marriage rights. In addition, it’s only in Canada that we did not impose the condition which obliges the couple to live there in order to be entitled to get married on this territory.

Today, Canada in general and especially Quebec are recognized for their tolerance for differences around the whole world. Me Leopold Lincà, notary in Montreal, is a professional and a specialist civil marriage and civil union celebrant. Quebec is one of the destinations sought by homosexual couples since gay marriage is normal here; more precisely, it became normality after the passage of the Civil Marriage Act on July 20, 2005.

According to the Institute of Statistics in Quebec, almost 15% of same-sex marriages come from outside Quebec.

In other words, after the Civil Marriage Act came into force in July 2005, all Canadians were given the same rights, regardless of their sexual orientation. The equality of rights for both heterosexuals and homosexuals is guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Gay marriage in front of a wedding celebrant / marriage officiant

Just like couples which are composed of a male and a female, homosexual couples can choose the common-law agreement, the civil marriage or the civil union. Whatever their choice will be, they will have to follow the same steps as traditional couples.

If they choose to marry in front of a notary marriage celebrant, they will not be discriminated because the notary marriage celebrant is a public official who respects the values as they appear in the Charter of the Rights and Freedoms of the person and also in the laws regarding civil marriage.

You have a great range of choices regarding notary marriage celebrants in Montreal, but not all of them have the necessary experience, the sense of listening and the diligence required.

Me Leopold Lincà, a notary marriage officiant, will know how to introduce you to the benefits of marriage and of the civil union, and he will give you valuable advice on the marriage contract, on the matrimonial regimes and on any other aspect that may interest you. Perfectly bilingual, Me Leopold Lincà notary, wedding officiant welcomes you to his office in order to learn all about your goals and to guide you throughout all the legal aspects.

As far as the wedding ceremony is concerned, it will take place in the location of your choice (it may well be in your garden, a reception area and so on) or in the ceremonial room of Me Leopold Lincà’s office with the same solemnity and according to your plans.

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