Notice of publication civil marriage or civil union

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Publication to the Registrar of Civil Status. When a couple decides to marry or to unite civilly, they must make public their intention known to the Registrar of civil status.  It is a requirement governed by the law.  Here are all the details that surround the notice.

Display and Content

What should a civil marriage notice contain?  First of all, there must have names of the future spouses, date of birth, name of the celebrant and date with address of the ceremony place.  All content of the notice must have been approved by a witness who is 18 years of age or older.  Regarding the posting, notice must be made public 20 days before the planned date of the marriage or civil union.

Before January 1, 2018, act of publication had to be posted at the place of celebration of the marriage and at the courthouse closest to the place of ceremonies.  It must now be posted in the Register of Notices of marriage and civil union of the Director of civil status of Quebec.

Utility and Exemption

The main reason why wedding notices are published is so that everyone can be informed of the upcoming union.  In fact, making of public marriage allows anyone to oppose the union for a legal reason (e.g., a family relationship outlawed by law, if one of the spouses is still legally married to someone else).  Also, it gives the future spouse’s time to think about their decision to unite.

As for the dispensation, it belongs to the celebrant and to the Director of civil status of Quebec.  This one has the power not to publish an opinion in certain serious cases (e.g., if one of the married people is seriously ill and his chances of survival are low).  Another example may be if one of the spouses is to be transferred to another country for work and wants to get married before leaving.  This example often applies to the military.

In the case of the opposition, if a person wishes to interrupt the marriage, he must go to court and explain his reasons.  Any legal adviser can guide the person in relation to the steps of an opposition.


Publication of a marriage notice/civil union is an essential step for the union of a couple.  Required by law, the notice contains all the information of the future spouses (date of birth, names of the bride and groom, place of celebration) and must be confirmed by a major person.  The whole must be publicly displayed in the Register of notices of marriages and civil union.

To publish a marriage notice serves not only to give the future spouses a reflection time, but also to allow any person to oppose the marriage for any legal reason.  For the dispensation, it belongs to the celebrant and only he may decide to publish the marriage notice or not only in serious cases (e.g. sickness).

In short, the marriage notice is an important step to be made with the help of a notary and also to allow a couple to unite civilly.


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