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A notary who acts as a wedding officiant in his or her position may celebrate a civil marriage in any place chosen by the future spouses, by common accord with him or her. However, the place must respect the solemn and public character of the event. By choosing a notary as a wedding celebrant, future spouses benefit from a wide choice of places, according to their desires, but while respecting the law, as to where their wedding ceremony will be held. If the place proposed by the spouses does not meet the legal requirements, the notary will refuse to celebrate the marriage, and will suggest to the future spouses other options.

Wedding is on schedule and now is the time to choose the place for the ceremony to take place.  Actually, the place chosen by the couple may vary according to the celebrant himself.  Here are the explanations.

Choice of location and conditions

The bride and the groom are free to choose the place that suits them for the ceremony.  They can opt for a place of worship for a religious wedding (church, mosque, temple, etc.), courthouse for a civil wedding, a hotel reception room or even a park or garden.  However, there are certain conditions that can be met.

Place of ceremonies must be arranged for the celebration accordingly, solemnity must be respected and above all, it must correspond to the powers which the celebrant can marry a couple.

Place according to the celebrant

Because yes, choice for a celebrant will give restrictions on the place of the ceremony.  Let’s see who can celebrate a union.

If a clerk is your wedding officiant, by default he will be celebrating at the courthouse.  However, it’s possible that the clerk will celebrate the marriage to health and social services centre if the health of one of the future spouses cannot afford to move.  The clerk can also celebrate the marriage in a detention centre if one of the spouses is detained there.

A marriage may be celebrated at the city hall or on any part of the territory of a municipality if the couple is dealing with the mayor, a councillor or a municipal official.  For the priest, rabbi, imam, etc., it is at the place of worship where the marriage ceremony will be held.

Finally, if the celebrant is a notary or a chosen wedding officiant, place can go according to what the bride and groom will have chosen.  This is a great flexibility.  However, note that the notary may have the right to refuse to unite two people if the place is not appropriate.  It’s important to discuss this with him all the options.


To conclude, the place of the ceremony is important in a wedding celebration.  If a couple desires to marry in a worship place, the priest, rabbi, imam, etc. remain the celebrant of choice.  For the courthouse, it will be the clerk.  For the city hall, the mayor or a municipal representative can celebrate your marriage.  And finally, to leave the choice to the bride and groom to do that where they want, the notary or a chosen wedding officiant are the best candidates.

Of course, before you choose the place, you always have to make sure it matches the celebrant’s and the law’s requirements and that everything has to be arranged accordingly.

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