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Price and cost for civil marriage officiant authorized by the Director of Civil Status. What is the price of a wedding officiant in Montreal? The price and costs for a civil marriage celebration officiated by a Montreal civil marriage officiant notary and wedding officiant authorized varies from one officiator to another, between 300$ and 700$, there is no fixed charge, according to: his experience; his expertise (the notary will explain you to understand all the implications of civil marriage); the services which are provided (drafting or not a marriage contract, obtaining certificates and attestations, etc); the day and the hour of the ceremony (during the work week or at the end of the week, in the morning or in the evening, national holidays, etc.); the locations of the ceremony (at our offices or, if you wish for the notary to come to a different location for celebrating your civil marriage, at the location of your choice).

The marriage officiant other than a notary cannot explain the legal consequences of a marriage to you or gives you adequate legal advice on matrimonial regimes. For the celebration of a civil wedding and civil marriage in Montreal, Quebec, the fees and cost start at $300 for the services provided by Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary in Montreal, civil marriage officiant authorized by the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec. Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary wedding officiant Montreal offers you a charming ceremony room for officiating your civil marriage, without additional costs! You will benefit from courteous, personalized services and offers; celebrate your wedding in his wedding room. You can compare between the services provided by Mtre Lincà, notary, Montreal Courthouse (Palais de justice Montreal) or any other marriage officiant.  Contact Mtre Lincà notary and wedding officiant as soon as possible at 438 383-3116.

Price and cost for civil marriage officiant at the Montreal City Hall

Civil weddings at the city hall are celebrated by a representative of the municipality or the mayor. To find out more about current rates for prices and costs see

Why Choose Notary Leopold Lincà for Celebrating Your Civil Marriage?

The expertise and the provided services are essential factors.

  • A lot of experience – many civil marriages officiated until today;
  • Personalized judicial counselling, before choosing your matrimonial regime;
  • A ceremony according to your tastes, officiated by a polite professional, with commanding appearance and presentation;
  • A charming ceremony room at your disposal (without additional costs);

Civil Marriage in Montreal celebration in the shortest possible interval (21 days after the publication of your notice for intended marriage, or even sooner, for special cases). In Quebec, a couple may choose to: marry, form a civil union, live together in a facto union. In the case of a marriage or civil union, the couple may ask a close friend or relative to act as the officiant at the marriage or civil union ceremony.

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