Procedure for getting married in Quebec

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CIVIL MARRIAGE – The process of celebrating a civil marriage or civil union in Quebec requires some preparation and sometimes conditions to be respected.  What kind? Please note that in Quebec, the legal age for civil marriage is 16 years (18 for the civil union).  However, minors who marry must have the consent of the Courthouse.  Afterwards, what to do before getting married? You must take your spouse as a spouse before two witnesses present during the celebration of your civil marriage. Their role is to certify your consent to the marriage, that is, to be able to testify if necessary before the Court, and to sign your declaration of marriage.

Before proceeding with the union

First, you must choose a celebrant.  Here, it may be a clerk, a notary, or any other wedding officiant, authorized marriage celebrant, recognized by law.  Before conducting the interview, both spouses must prepare a file that not only confirms their

identity, but also shows that the spouses comply with the conditions relating to marriage or civil union.

Among the conditions are : age, family bonds, old matrimonial bonds and the consent.  If these conditions are met, it will be possible to discuss the ceremony, such as the date and place where it will take place.

However, be aware that having a clerk as your officiant offers you less flexibility about the wedding day, wedding hour and location.  The notary, on the other hand, can travel for you, anytime.  To be considered.

Moment of celebration

Tell yourself that your steps to set your ceremony date should be at least 3 weeks before the time comes.  It is a matter of legal procedure – the celebrant must publish the notice of marriage to the Director of Civil

Status announcing your union.  The notice of marriage contain information about the location of the ceremony and the posting must be done for a period of 20 days.

In addition, the wedding officiant has the documents necessary for the spouses’ consent signed and sent them to the Registrar of Civil Status.  In the days that follow, the officiant (if is not a clerk or notary) receives an information kit that talks about his or her role in celebrating the marriage of the future spouses.

When it comes time to unite

The big day has arrived!  You, your family, your celebrant and your witnesses are present to proceed with your union!  Usually, your celebrant makes a speech that talks about you, your future married life and about your rights and obligations established by the Civil code of Quebec.  Each spouse must consent to the marriage and express

their consent.  After that, the rings, the kiss, and the celebration! Of course, before the celebration, your officiant will have you fill out the legal documents; a marriage certificate will be issued in the coming weeks.  Now, no more papers and let the party begin!


For a couple, making the decision to get married is not a snap decision.  There are conditions to be respected and a procedure to be followed with a clerk or a notary or any other wedding officiant. They can easily guide and accompany you so that your marriage or civil union is done in good and due form.


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