The most beautiful places to make wedding photos in Montreal

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The couple is now husband and wife?  Fantastic!  The party can begin!  But there is something that can still be the most memorable event: a photo shoot!  Although it may seem unbelievable, the city of Montreal is full of places to make the most beautiful wedding photos.  Here’s a list:

  • The Montreal World Trade Centre: Well, the temperature may not be favourable on the day of the wedding. So we drop the photos in nature.  The World Trade Center is breathtaking with its fountain featuring a statue of the Nereid Amphitrite and a piece of the Berlin wall.  Perfect for history lovers!

  • Dufresne Castle: Located in front of the Botanical Garden, this place of ancient times remains a reference for wedding photos. Especially thanks to the stone face reminding of the Renaissance era!

  • Botanical Garden : As much for photographers of all kinds as for the newlyweds, the botanical garden has about thirty thematic gardens with a multitude of plants, flowers and interior greenhouses. Nothing more beautiful for a couple!

  • Old Montreal streets: This section of the city contains places as surprising as each other. We can find the Basilica of Notre-Dame, the quays of the old port and even the alleys!  The whole place will give beautiful pictures!

  • Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal : It’s always impressive to see this building in the distance. As much in front of the oratory as at the foot of the steps, it remains a good choice to take pictures before this true emblem of Montreal.

  • Mount Royal Park : Near the Oratory is the park. The latter features Beaver Lake and 2 lookouts, Kondiaronk and Camilien-Houde, which will give you the view to a completely different vision of Montreal!

  • Montreal Museum of Beaux-Arts : Not only is the façade with the pillars beautiful for a photo shoot, but couples who love sculptures and paintings will be delighted by all the works in the museum.

  • Victoria Square : Some bride and groom will opt for photos in the city centre. So, Victory Square remains a place par excellence with its subway entrance reminiscent of Paris facilities.

  • Quebec National Records Center : Among the buildings in Montreal, one that is entirely made of glass is still impressive. This is the case of the archives center!

  • Westmount Park : It’s not just Mount Royal that contains lookouts and a lake. Westmount also has a place of the same kind that will delight couples!

  • Jean-Drapeau Park : You can’t think of Montreal without thinking about Jean-Drapeau Park. Located on the edge of the river and having the most beautiful hiking trails, this is a place of choice for wedding photos in nature!

In the end, the places for wedding photos in Montreal are for all tastes!  As much for couples loving nature as art as history, the metropolitan area of Montreal contains many sites that will delight the bride and the groom for unforgettable photos!

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