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Civil marriage and civil union celebration take place in a solemn place in which the celebrant unite by the bonds of marriage or by the bonds of civil union those who wish to unite according to the law.  Courthouse civil marriage or the celebration of your civil marriage by a notary have the same value. Rights and obligations of marriage and civil union are the same.  It’s the same for the conditions.

So what is the difference between the civil marriage and the civil union?  Essentially, it is the age of the spouses.  In a civil union, the future spouses must be 18 years of age and older.  For marriage it’s 16 years and more with the consent of the Courthouse.

Also, the dissolution of a civil union is through marriage between spouses, through the death of a spouse, through a judgment in dissolution (Courthouse), or through a declaration of the dissolution of a civil union before a notary. A marriage ends with the death of a spouse or a courthouse divorce judgment.

Celebrating civil marriage at the courthouse or not?

A marriage or civil union may be celebrated at the courthouse before a clerk or an assistant clerk of the Courthouse or a celebrant by the Ministry of Justice.  At the outset, the celebration takes place from Monday to Saturday, but there is no ceremony on Sundays, or for legal holidays.

The time of celebration at the courthouse is between 9h00 and 16h30.  Marrying at the Courthouse – it must be said that the conditions of celebration are much more stringent than the celebration performed by another marriage celebrant authorized by law.

Indeed, union can only be made at the Montreal Courthouse or another place, too, but only on a specific day, at a specific time – without considering the waiting times to be able to celebrate your union, which can easily exceed the 20 days that represent the legal deadline required by the Civil Code of Quebec.

Other alternatives

So what other alternative can be considered for the celebration of a civil marriage or civil union?  It’s to celebrate your marriage within 21 days with a notary as wedding officiant! Me Leopold Lincà, reliable notary civil wedding officiant in Montreal, celebrate your civil marriage an experienced officiant notary.

In fact, the notary offers you some advantages that celebration of your civil marriage at the courthouse does not have: a shorter time frame, adapted legal advice, place of celebration at your choice, choice of any day of the week for the celebration of your civil marriage, larger choice of the moment of celebration (until 22h00 every day).


The first reflex when you think of a marriage or a civil union is to go and celebrate at the courthouse.  The problem is that this solution does not always give benefits to the bride and groom: schedule, waiting time and place.  So the alternative is to choose a notary as a celebrant.  But it’s up to the bride and groom to decide what’s best for them.  They can opt for the clerk of the courthouse, a notary, or any other celebrant / wedding officiant of their choice!


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