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Have you ever thought having someone (friend, family) as your wedding officiant?

To appoint a close friend or a family member as a wedding officiant for your civil marriage or civil union is well beyond the legal considerations. In this way, you can create a personalized ceremony with someone who you know already and you can trust. The future spouses must contact the Directeur de l’état civil to have the person they choose act as the officiant of their marriage or civil union

If this perspective pleases you, you are ready to launch into this adventure which could create beautiful moments. Obviously, as in all the things, the bad and the good meet,

I would like to present you the advantages and the disadvantages of this choice.

The advantages

The wedding officiant knows you well, he knows your love story, and you can feel more comfortable with him or her. It can bring a touch of color and intimacy to the ceremony.

The disadvantages

Undoubtedly, on the day of the marriage, your wedding officiant will be nervous, and with good reason! It is a big responsibility for your wedding officiant to marry you, and he wishes to make a performance as high as your expectations. If you ask to a friend or to a member of your family to celebrate your marriage, it is probably because you found this option more personal.

So, you’ll not have to be surprised that this person will be invaded by the emotion when the bride walks in front of the guests or at the time of your vows…Consider that it is possible that the nervousness and the emotion made your wedding officiant falter, jump sections by mistake, go back, etc. You must be indulgent and tell yourself that in the end you’ll be married, and you’ll have good stories to tell.

Your wedding officiant for a day, if it’s not a notary, can’t underline either the importance of your rights and your obligations in marriage, nor give you legal explanations about the effects of the marriage, and the list can continue.

How to obtain the designation of a wedding officiant for a day?

According to a poll made by the Director of civil status, in Montreal, approximately 10% of the marriages are celebrated by a designated wedding officiant. The spouses shall fill the form Designation to request the designation for their wedding officiant for a marriage or a civil union.

The eligibility conditions are very clear, the person who wants to present to the Director of the civil status a request as a wedding officiant for a marriage or a civil union, must respect the following conditions:
· Speak French or English;
· Have the Canadian citizenship or live in Quebec;
· Have respected all the conditions to the marriage or to the civil union during previous celebrations;
· Be 18 years older or more and be capable of exercising all his civil rights completely.

He must be specified that the obtained designation is valid only for your marriage or your civil union, which must take place in a precise date and place. If the Director of the registry civil status accepts the request, he’ll give to your wedding officiant the authorization number to celebrate your marriage or your civil union.

This number must be written on the legal form to send to the Director of the registry civil status the day of the ceremony (the DEC-50 form).

Obligations for the wedding officiant for a day

· Verify that the future spouses were not already married without being divorced;
· Verify the identity of the spouses;
· Verify that the future spouses have no family ties which would invalidate the marriage;
· Verify that the notice of civil marriage or civil union is published at least 20 days before the date planned for the marriage.

The role of a wedding officiant – notary

When you choose a notary to celebrate your marriage or civil union, you’ll benefit from legal advice personalized on the matrimonial regime and the legal consequences of the marriage, which other wedding officiants can’t give you.

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