What are the benefits to choose a notary as wedding officiant or civil union officiant?

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Why choose a notary as a wedding officiant or civil union officiant? For the couples, marriage remains a tradition to celebrate their love.  Moreover, it’s now possible to get united in a civil way instead of only religious way.  However, many thinks that only the clerk from the Courthouse can unite a couple.  Take note – the notary can also perform this task.

Actually, the notary can be THE celebrant for a civil marriage/union.  Many are the advantages of choosing it instead of a clerk.  Here’s the proof.

Choose Your Place of Celebration

Often than usual, civil marriage / civil union rhymes with courthouse or city hall.  However, by choosing the notary as a wedding officiant, the couple can decide where they want to celebrate their wedding (home, reception room, outside place, etc.).  The choice is very wide as long as the place is arranged for this kind of celebration.

Access to Legal Advice

Among their skills, notaries know and advise about matrimonial regimes, legal consequences of marriage, civil union contract, testaments and many others.  When a couple unites, they have the possibility to ask all this directly to the notary on the spot or in the following days.

Getting Married Anytime in the Week

If the bride and groom choose the clerk from the Courthouse or city hall as a wedding officiant, the clerk will only unite the couple from Monday to Friday, and sometime Saturday, at the Courthouse or city hall, during the office hour.  However, the notary gives the couple a chance to get married at any day in the week, and so, until 22h00.  It’s a flexibility that benefits the couple!

A Shorter Delay of Celebration

It may happen that the couple decides to unite, as soon as possible for many reasons.  The only issue is that it sometimes takes long before seeing his marriage celebrated at the courthouse in the presence of a clerk.  With the notary as a celebrant, the deadlines can be shortened to 20 days (the legal delay for the publication of the notice of marriage to the Directeur d’état civil).  A huge difference!

Marriage and civil union have expanded in recent years to the benefit of religious marriages.  Even if before they could only be done from Monday to Friday, and sometime Saturday, at the courthouse or city hall in the presence of a clerk, the couple may also decide to choose a notary as a celebrant.

In fact, not only the future brides can choose their place of celebration, but they also can benefit from a shorter delay (within 20 days to the day they want to get married), without forgetting the notary can inform them of everything that surrounds their union (will, protective mandate, marital regime and marriage contract or civil union contract).  The services provided by the notary are wider; to get married, the benefits are numerous and it is good to enjoy!

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