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In Quebec, to be able to get married, you must wait a minimum of 21 days between the publication of the notice of marriage and the celebration of a civil marriage. This deadline makes it possible to respect the public nature of the celebration of a marriage and to allow anyone to oppose it, under certain conditions, if they have valid reasons for doing so.

However, no publication is required when two people want to marry and they are already in a civil union. A marriage must be celebrated within 3 months of the last day of publication. After this deadline, the celebrant must publish a new notice of marriage and the future spouses will have to wait another 21 days to celebrate their marriage.

n some situations, it is possible to get married before this time has expired. An exemption from the publication of notice of marriage must be obtained, granted by the Director of Quebec’s civil status for serious reasons. You must therefore submit an exemption request directly to the Director of Civil Status. After studying a request for exemption from publication, the Registrar of Civil Status issues a written decision in which he explains the reasons why he accepts or refuses to grant an exemption and transmits it to the celebrant and the future spouses or spouses.

In the case of an extreme emergency, but only because the life of one of the future spouses or spouses is in danger and it is impossible to obtain an exemption from the Registrar in time, the celebrant may grant the exemption itself; thereafter, he must transmit to the Director of civil status, together with the declaration of marriage or civil union, the written document attesting the exemption and presenting the reasons justifying it.


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