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Wedding hall in Montreal, for a successful civil marriage. How to choose the best wedding ceremony hall/room in Montreal for a dream civil wedding/civil marriage celebration? Make the right choice! You have to choose a civil marriage room, it is very important and obvious! Finding your ideal Montreal wedding reception hall for you and your guests is essential for a party!

Choosing the perfect place to accommodate all your guests that meets your needs and ideas is a headache for more than a couple. This choice is so crucial that it can quickly turn into a major problem. So that your dream does not turn into a nightmare, we give you practical advice on how to choose the right civil wedding venue for a successful wedding celebration.

Some practical advice how to find YOUR civil wedding hall / your wedding ceremony hall

We advise you to do the shopping as soon as possible, so as not to be disappointed. You must look for your wedding hall at least a few months to a year, or even two, before the day chosen for the wedding celebration, to have the most choices possible! The most popular places are very often rented for the next two years.

You should also think about the wedding budget! Depending on your envelope allocated to the marriage ceremony hall, you will not opt ​​for the same type of place.

Ideally, in the reception room you will also be able to legally celebrate your civil marriage. It is not a question of imposing an hour’s trip on your guests, to move from your wedding hall to the place where the wedding officiant will celebrate your union! Look for a marriage ceremony hall in a suitable area where your union will be made official! Do not forget to choose the place according to your tastes. Romantic, chic, modern or old-fashioned atmosphere, not all places will do the trick!

The hall/room must be in harmony with the style of your wedding, because it will set the tone and participate in the ambiance of the reception. Do not get trapped and fouled by online photos, worked with Photoshop, or by places that are not well appointed, or with simplistic decorations, bordering on presentable, or which hide faults (unpleasant odours, lack of natural light, lack of decor, etc.) Insist on seeing in reality at the very beginning what you will pay at the end, so as not to experience disappointment during one of the most important days of your life.

Some ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS for choosing the right civil wedding celebration room.

After selecting a few wedding rooms to your liking, there are several questions to ask when choosing a wedding celebration room, at the risk of having unpleasant surprises.

What is the maximum capacity of the wedding hall? Your number of guests will determine the choice of wedding venue. What is the price? What does the rental price include? Is it only the rental of the room, or will it be decorated? What are the payment methods? Payment of a deposit? Possibility to pay in several instalments? Rental end time? What is the possible cost per hour of overrun?

So many essential questions to best calculate your budget!

Do not hesitate to ask the right questions to the owners of the marriage celebration rooms, to your wedding celebrant, etc. Before going to the cashier for the rental of a wedding hall, be sure to inform yourself!

We offer you an elegant wedding celebration room in Montreal, at an excellent price for our services.

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