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Places where you can get married wedding celebration or a civil union – First of all, congratulations on your wedding!  It will be a fantastic step for your couple.  First of all, you have to ask yourself where you want to get married civil wedding celebration or civil union.  Church?  Montreal Reception room?  Town Hall?  Montreal Hotel?  Notary’s office? Park? Today, there are many places to visit when it comes to marriage.  So, discover the most unusual places in the great metropolis for a union!


Time for a brainstorming session


The choice of civil marriage or civil wedding celebration in Montreal ceremony and venue is a couple’s decision.  So, for the two of you, take the time to put on the table what you want for your wedding.  Here, you can ask yourself if it is a religious wedding or not, the place, the ceremony, the choice of the officiant, what meal, if there will be dancing, etc.  In short, put everything on paper and rank it in order of importance.

Also, you can see to make a dream wedding even if you don’t have the big budget for that.  From now on, wedding themes are limitless.  It can be a medieval, tropical, contemporary, video game, popular culture, etc. wedding.  Be crazy!  This is your moment after all!

Also check the number of guests to determine your type of wedding and also the choice of venue.  You may want a more intimate ceremony with only family or a large reunion to which close friends and others are invited.  So hotels can be a great place for big weddings.  It’s up to you to determine the whole thing!

Then, see the details of your wedding.  This is where you can dance at the dance venue, the choice of DJ and musical repertoire, who provides the decorations, will there be an all-you-can-eat bar or not, will there be a banquet menu, will there be a cocktail before or after, who will be the celebrant, etc.  This is where you get into the reality of your wedding organization!


Places where you can get married wedding celebration or a civil union – Examples of locations for marriage/wedding


Several wedding venues exist depending on what you want.  If you are more of a luxury and very chic room, you can opt for the Hôtel in Montreal, the Hôtel in Laval, the Hôtel  in Longueuil, L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Montreal, Château Saint-Antoine on the South Shore, Au fin Palais in Saint-Isodore or Château Vaudreuil in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

If you are more of a natural and rustic type, you can marry at the renowned Constantin Sugar Shack in Saint-Eustache, at Sous le charme des érables (in the same city), at Domaine Mouton Village in Montérégie or at Vignoble de l’Orpailleur in Dunham.

For something different and unusual, you can rent a yacht at the Old Port, a private island with Navark or go to the Prema Shanti Inn in Val-David.  Finally, for the romantic, the Auberge des Gallant, the Domaine Champêtre La Champenoise and the Hôtel Les Trois Tilleuls in the Richelieu region.

No matter what kind of wedding you want, Montreal and the surrounding area has all kinds of places that will satisfy you!


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