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Civil marriage can now be celebrated in front of a notary, a clerk, a mayor, or other authorized wedding officiant.  But very often, marrying in a civil ceremony rhymes with the Law Courts, Montreal Courthouse and in front of a clerk.  If you want a romantic ceremony, you may be disappointed… However, civil marriage is not limited to this kind of situation.  You can contact a notary to have his services as a celebrant!  And it goes even further!

Why contact him?

The main thing to know is that the notary is a specialist in law.  During your union, you will have to choose, for example, your matrimonial regime, know about the family patrimony, rights and obligations.  These elements are found in your marriage contract, which you sign on the day of your union, and Civil code of Quebec.  However, you don’t want to sign papers when you just want to dance!

So, your notary, who is your wedding officiant, can explain everything to you before the ceremony by providing you with the information so that you can not only be aware of your new status as a married person, but also know the obligations involved.

Its main functions are

In the context of a marriage, the notary acts as a legal advisor to you.  He will assist you in order to better guide you in the choice of your matrimonial regime.  The latter has its advantages and disadvantages and in the event of a separation, the division of property will be different depending on the matrimonial regime.  So, choose carefully!

Your notary is there to make your deeds authenticated.  In the context of a marriage contract, the latter requires your signature in front of a notary.  Also, your notary remains available if you want to change something in your marriage contract.  Before making a contract amendment, contact your notary.  Of course, he will need the consent of both spouses!

Another advantage of having a notary as officiant is that he is flexible about your wedding day and the place you want to get married.  It is the very opposite of other marriage officiants who can proceed with your wedding in some days or some place only!


With what you’ve just read, maybe you’re thinking of calling a notary for your wedding.  If so, are you also saying that if you choose the legal regime of the partnership of acquests as your matrimonial regime, there is no need for a notary to intervene in a marriage contract, unless there are other financial aspects that you want to settle among yourselves.

However, you have just seen the many advantages of calling a notary for your marriage.  Indeed, not only is it much more flexible in terms of availability, but it can also offer you valuable advice on the matrimonial regime and family patrimony so that you can benefit as much as possible from it.



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