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Every couple has a personal story that unfolds over time and focuses precisely on events that the two maintain in their hearts for a lifetime: their first encounter, the marriage proposal, and finally, the celebration of their marriage. If you would like that the ceremony of your wedding to be unforgettable, take the time to look for the best wedding celebrant for your couple.

Defining your expectations

Some nonconformist couples would like to celebrate their marriage spontaneously, without waiting too long, but Quebec laws require a period of at least a few weeks before D-day so that all the legal conditions are met properly. After all, civil marriage has both personal and social implications that lovers may not overemphasise or give too much importance to at first.

It may happen that some couples desire to celebrate their civil wedding on an exact date, such as Valentine’s Day or a date that has a particular meaning for them. Sometimes it’s just about celebrating their wedding on a Sunday or another holiday and in all these cases they must look for a wedding celebrant who is available at their desired time.

There are also couples who decide to celebrate their civil marriage in a particular place that they consider more suitable for the ceremony than the Palace of Justice or the study of a notary.

Finally, there are those couples who want their marriage celebrant to be someone they know and not a traditional wedding officiant and, after specific formalities, they get married before that specific person of their choice.

Become aware of all of your options and choose according to them:

According to the law in force in Quebec, the civil marriage celebrations can be organized by:

  • Representatives of local authorities: mayors, members of municipal councils or borough councils, as well as municipal officials appointed by the Minister of Justice. What you need to know is that they are allowed to unite you civilly just in the territory defined in their act of designation; you should also know that you do not have too much freedom regarding the date and time of the ceremony.
  • Clerks and deputy clerks of the Superior Court who have been specifically designated to perform marriages and civil unions. Just like in the first case that we have mentioned above, it is necessary to adapt your expectations to the available dates of the officers.
  • Notaries officiating marriages designated as such by the Minister of Justice. In this case, the ceremony may take place in a location that you prefer the most, at the date and time that is more convenient for you, established by mutual agreement. What’s more, the notary can advise you on the civil marriage contract and the choice of matrimonial regimes.
  • Anyone you choose, provided that they obtain permission from the Minister of Justice to act as a marriage celebrant. To do so, you must complete an application for a Marriage or Civil Union Celebration, which you will find in courthouses, and send it to the Justice Services Branch of the Department of Justice, three months before the date of your ceremony. Once the legal conditions have been completed and verified, whether the celebrant is a major, Francophone or Anglophone, resident of Quebec and without convictions in the last 3 years, they will obtain the authorization to officiate your civil marriage.

No matter the option you choose, regardless of the venue (it is mandatory that the solemnity of the ceremony will be preserved), the date or the scenario, the civil marriage ceremony has the same mission: to receive your free and informed consent to live together with your spouse and to ensure that all formalities prescribed by law are respected.

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