Is a marriage without getting into debt possible?

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Often than usual, getting married means spending a lot of money celebrating a couple’s love.  If you count the services of a wedding officiant, the ceremony hall, paying the DJ or band, banquets, bar, decorations, it can quickly rise and sometimes lead to debt…

But celebrating your love does not require spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, as it is also not necessary to ruin yourself for Christmas gifts!  So, is it possible to have a wedding on a tighter budget?  Absolutely!  All you need is the right strategies!

Dream and Reality

We all have dreams.  Maybe one of your own was to get married on a boat in the middle of a cruise!  When you come back to reality, you will find that these marriages have a price and often a very high one.  During the wedding preparations, this is where your couple must make a choice about the elements of the ceremony and so on.  Unfortunately, that’s when you give up ideas.

However, this is where you can find cheaper alternatives!  For example, a place near a lake to stick with your idea of the boat or someone you know who has contacts for a mini yacht trip for the ceremony!  In short, even if the reality doesn’t correspond to your dream 100%, you can find things that look like it and have a great ceremony!

Having the Money for That

Once your preparations are complete, that’s when you determined how much money you need.  That’s also where you set your budget!  This is the best way to avoid debt!  This is where you can allocate a percentage of your budget to your wedding, where you can take some financial decisions for a specific period, according to your wishes and dreams.

The problem is that in the world of marriage, many people act emotionally and say it’s perfect!  However, take a 48-hour period before you buy something, often very expensive. Usually, this time will allow you to discuss it as a couple and take a more objective view of the situation.

Ideas for Savings

When it comes time to make the invitations, you may want to use a graphic designer to make a special design.  Then, you send it all by mail.  Except that it can be expensive and time-consuming!  So, an alternative is the Internet!  Sending a mass invitation to several people (e. g. Facebook) for a wedding invitation is very feasible!  Well, obviously, consider also people who don’t have Internet access!

For the ceremony, even if there are always fees, everything can be negotiated; the magic word is shopping!  In addition, see the number of guests in order to better choose your reception room.    For the photographer, you can contact a friend; your menu can be affordable, but still according to your dreams.  At any time, you can choose to consult your friends and all your contacts to better save on your wedding!

Have a nice celebration!


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