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Conditions for getting married In Québec (Montreal). Civil Marriage is a solemn act by which two people commit themselves in public to live together and to respect the rights and obligations of their union, which are conferred on them by the law.

To be valid, however, a marriage is subject to various conditions concerning your person, the preparation of your marriage and the celebration of your marriage.

Otherwise, any interested party could oppose your union, even request its annulment.


Conditions for getting married in Quebec or Conditions to be met by the person wishing to marry

Legal Age

To marry or enter into a civil union, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are 16 or 17, you must ask the court for permission to marry, but this does not apply to civil unions, for which you must be at least 18.

Family ties

Marriage is prohibited between close relatives, i.e. those with whom you are related as a brother or sister, half-brother or half-sister, parent or child. This is true whether the relationship is biological or through adoption. However, it is legal to marry certain people in your family, such as a cousin or someone who is your in-law, for example your ex-mother-in-law.

Your civil status

You must be free from any marriage or civil union. For a marriage or civil union to be legal, you must be single, divorced or widowed. You are also considered single if you have had a previous marriage annulled or a previous civil union annulled or dissolved.

Proof of your marital status will be requested during the interview with the officiant.


Free consent

Everyone who marries must give free and informed consent. This means that you agree to marry your spouse without being forced to and that you understand your commitment.

Attendance at your wedding

Finally, you must be present at your wedding. In Quebec, you cannot get married from a distance.

Conditions for getting married – Conditions surrounding the ceremony


The venue chosen by the couple must respect the solemnity and decorum of a wedding ceremony and be appropriately arranged. The officiant must also be qualified and authorised to perform your wedding in this location.

Depending on the location of your wedding, there are certain constraints to consider when choosing a time for the ceremony. See Courthouse schedule. Getting married in front of a notary, such as Me Linca, allows you to get married at weekends, evenings and even on public holidays.

The languages of celebration allowed are French or English. If one of you does not understand them, the officiant will ask you to provide an interpreter.

Other conditions exist in preparation for your civil marriage or civil union. To learn more, get the Complete Guide to civil marriage in Quebec: Your civil wedding from A to Z.

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