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Who can celebrate your civil marriage apart from a notary ? You are certainly wondering who can celebrate civil marriages in Quebec. If you are preparing for your wedding, different people are authorized to perform civil marriages under the Rules respecting the celebration of civil marriage or civil union extracted from the Civil Code of Quebec.

Who can be a celebrant of weddings? Who is authorized to celebrate civil marriages other than a notary in Quebec?

How to check if the chosen wedding celebrant is authorized to act by law or by the registrar of civil status?

To make sure that your officiant is authorized to perform a marriage or civil union, you can consult the Register of celebrants of civil marriages and civil unions Do you have questions about your civil marriage? Do you plan to marry civilly soon?

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Who can celebrate your civil marriage apart from a notary in Québec – Mtre Leopold Lincà, notary for marriage, wedding officiant celebrating civil weddings in Montreal.

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With these photos, we present some of our happy married couples who made the excellent choice to have their civil marriage celebrated by the Lincà study